Direct Investment Strategies

Urban Development

Monetize Development Margin using proven execution strategies, cost management, and value engineering.

Land Value Enhancement

Extract Land Value using a precedent-based approach to planning risk taking.

Conversion Value Extraction

Enhance asset value under permitted development and lawful development frameworks.

Indirect Investment Strategies

Liquidity Management

Generate highly liquid, market neutral investment returns in real estate asset backed public equity space using risk/reward framework.

Risk Management

Manage direct market exposure for clients using indirect assets.

Alpha Generation

Augment direct investment returns with indirect returns using fundamental, fiscal & monetary factor driven models.

Why invest in our Direct Strategies?

Linden Hill Direct Investment strategies are supported by solid secular trends, execution expertise & a margin of safety mindset.

Why invest in our Indirect Strategies?

Linden Hill Indirect Investment strategies are capable of alpha generation, risk management and performance enhancement.